MgF2 is a birefrigent material crystal with excellent physical and chemical properties. It provides wide transparent range, high transmissibility. It can be widely used as UV material. 


Main Properties 
Lattice constant: a=4.621A; c=3.053A 
Mohs hardness: 6 
Specific weight: 1255 
Specific weight: 3.18g/cm
Transparence range: 0.12-8.5 mm 
Thermal conductivity: 0.0075W/m/K 
Expansion coefficient: aa=13.7x10 -6 /K; ac=8.48x10 -6 /K 
Refraction Index: 0: 405m no=1.3836, ne =1.3957 1: 1.55 m m no=1.9447, no=2.1486 


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