Dec. 2015 Laser Power control units

Dec. 2015 Laser Power controlunits

Antyco presents technical overview of extra cavity laser power control methods realizable with free space optics. It is intended to helpindustrial laser processing engineers to make the right choice of attenuatordesign for their laser processing systems.

Particular methods come with distinctive advantages as wellas drawbacks. For instance, neutral density reflective type filters withoptical density gradient over the cross-section grants a rather evenattenuation over wide spectral range from UV to NIR, however they aresusceptible to laser damage.

Thiswhite paper covers several options of output power control through manipulationof the polarization along with its’ superiorities and shortcomings ofindividual components, e.g. waveplate vs. EO modulator, and peculiar featuresof various polarizers used in setups of the kind. Unpolarized laser power control solution is also introduced with schematic layout and attenuation properties.

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